Add to your calendar the dates of public holidays in France 2021 and 2022

New Year’s EveFriday, January 1Saturday, January 1
Passover MondayMonday, April 5Monday, April 18
Labor DaySaturday, May 1Sunday, May 1
Victory Day 1945Saturday, May 8Sunday, May 8
ClimbThursday, May 13Thursday, May 26
Whit MondayMonday, May 24Monday, June 6
National holidayWednesday, July 14Thursday, July 14
AssumptionSunday, August 15Monday, August 15
ToussaintMonday, November 1Tuesday, November 1
ArmisticeThursday, November 11Friday, November 11
ChristmasSaturday, December 25Sunday, December 25

Download the holiday calendar for your calendar here!


It is Article L 3133-1 of the Labour Code that sets out the list of statutory holidays considered public holidays. Recall with of public holidays scheduled for 2021 and the main rules that apply to employees.

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