Reliable, accurate and free mapping

Discover OpenStreetMap and its OsmAnd mobile app: accurate, reliable, free and free mapping (Licencse Open Database). Its OsmAnd mobile app differentiates itself by downloading offline maps from around the world and free hiking trails.

Easy to use

  • the search for a place, allows with the same field to find everything you want: city, street, country and points of interest (restaurant, store, etc.).
Example of a Search for a Store (GrosBill in Paris)
  • searching for a route for modes of transport: car, bike, foot.
Example of a search for a route in Paris by car
Example of a route from Paris Notre Dame to Stockholm for a car roadtrip

Guidance with an App for Android and iOS

OsmAnd performs well in guidance via all modes of transport: car, bike, walking and hiking, metro and bus, plane and ski.

Guidance via all modes of transport
Guidance via all modes of transport

Offline Maps

One of OsmAnd’s big advantages is offline mapping. It is possible to download regions and countries in order to use offline navigation, just with GPS. This feature works abroad and allows you to use it at no extra cost from Roaming DATA 4G. So very convenient and always Free!

Download offline maps
Download offline maps


OsmAnd is particularly popular with hikers as it has very accurate offline hiking maps. OsmAnd allows you to geolocate in places without a 4G signal, only thanks to GPS.

In conclusion

A very useful app to use and share without moderation.

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