Install Android Open Source Apps with F-droid

F-droid is a free and open source application catalog for Android.


With your android device:

  • go to the site,
  • download the app (apk) available on the homepage.
  • Launch the downloaded app (apk),
  • Allow your android device to install when popup appears

The F-droid app is installed, you can enjoy free open source applications.


The reception of the F-droid app is very similar to Google’s play store. The use is very intuitive.
The search for an application can be done by category (in the menu at the bottom) or via a keyword search (with the green “loupe” button at the bottom ri
ght). Here’s a screenshot:

F-droid App Open Source
F-droid Apps Open Source

Must-have apps

  • GPS Navigation: OsmAnd
  • Social network: Fedilab
  • The Cloud: Nexctcloud
  • Contact sync and CalDav, Cardav calendar: DAVx
  • SIP Communication: Linphone
  • Manage secure passwords: KeepassDX
  • Manage your PGP keys: OpenKeyChain
  • Customer Mail: K-9
  • and many more… 🙂